Comprehensive Mental Health Services, Inc. is a community mental health center serving the needs of eastern Jackson County, MO. Its main center is at 17844  E. 23rd Street. in Independence, MO.

Carole Roper Park Vaughan 17886 E. 23rd St. in Independence, Missouri  houses the following services; outpatient services, medication services, adult community support services and school services staff and Club House.

Renaissance West is an addiction treatment center at 5840 Swope Pkwy. in Kansas City, MO.

Parkway Addiction Center is located at 17421 Medical Center Parkway., Independence, Missouri. Services include psycho-education, day treatment, case management, individual and group counseling(adult & adolescents).

Gateway at 416 College., Independence, Missouri provides housing for persons who are homeless and/or in addiction recovery services at Parkway Addiction Center.

Spring House, 721 W. Jones St.,  Independence, Missouri is a crisis stabilization/inpatient diverison  facility for  seriously mentally ill adults.

Turning Point group home at 1720 Swope Dr., Independence, Missouri is a residential care facility for adults with serious and persistent mental illness.

 Sunrise House, 17830 E. 23rd St., Independence, Missouri provides HUD-funded, semi-independent housing for persons with mental illness; support programs are operated by CMHS.